June 2, 2020

All About Your Ford Fiesta Here!!

Ford Fiesta Secret Code

Ford Fiesta : Access Hidden Menu

Fiesta’s hidden menu allow you to view and test your car more than usual such as test gauge, LED, radiator temp and your battery voltage. To access hidden menu. 1. Push and hold the trip reset button. 2. Turn car’s key to ON (II), don’t start the engine. 3. Screen show “test”, release the button. […]

Ford Fiesta Belt

Turn off safety belt alarm

Sometimes we drive just a short distance and didn’t get any out on the road. So we didn’t want to fasten to safety belt but the car safety system chimed and beep sound to warn you. That’s such an annoying thing.   Ford Fiesta can turn off safety belt alarm by yourself and it’s very […]

Ford Fiesta Key

Unlocking Fiesta only Driver Door

For some safety reason, Ford Fiesta has an option to makes them unlock only driver’s door or every doors which you can set it yourself. Below is the instruction to set your car. 1. Lock your car as usual. 2. Press and hold unlock & lock button at the same time for about 5 seconds. […]