June 2, 2020

All About Your Ford Fiesta Here!!

Ford Fiesta Headlight

Changing Ford Fiesta Headlight Bulb.

You may use your car for a very long time, so your headlight bulb might be dead. Or you may want to change the bulb to your favorite light color. This article will show you how to do it yourself. This article will explain only for the right side of headlight but you can do […]

Ford Fiesta Boot Light

Increase the brightness of Fiesta’s storage.

Because rear Fiesta’s storage was too dark to see things in the night. So let’s put some light into it. In this DIY, you have to a bit notch on an OEM wire.   Things you need 1. a tiny flat head screw driver 2. Cutter 3. Adhesive tap 4. Duct Tape 5. Scissors 6. […]

Ford Fiesta Interior Light

Install Ford Fiesta Interior Decoration Lighting

The lighting that we gonna do today are safety belt socket, under front seat and console decoration light like in the picture below. ** This DIY should done by someone who know about mechanic and electicity to prevent short circuit during the process. Things you need. 1. 3 X LED strip light. 2. 2 X […]