March 29, 2020

All About Your Ford Fiesta Here!!

Ford Fiesta Headlight

You may use your car for a very long time, so your headlight bulb might be dead. Or you may want to change the bulb to your favorite light color. This article will show you how to do it yourself.

This article will explain only for the right side of headlight but you can do it both the same way.

Let’s go.

1. Open you bonnet and look at the headlight, there are 2 bolts and a pin to lock the light in its place.

2. Unscrew the bolts and use a flat head screwdriver to yank the pin out like this.

3. Now look at behind of the headlight you will see the plug. The pull it out you have to squeeze the latch and pull it out at the same time. I recommend you to pull it out with 2 hands.

4. And it’s unplugged. Now you can remove the headlight from your car.

5. To remove it from your car, you should start pull it up from the rear side and use other hand to hold and pull up from the middle. Slowly pull out don’t snatch because there is a latch beneath that lock your headlight with your car. When the latch falls out from its place you will hear “crack” sound but don’t scared, nothing broken.

6. And the latch looks like this.

7. After you remove your headlight, look below, there is a circle plastic cover, twist it out.

8. Inside, you will see this orange stuff. It is the bulb base that we looking for. Pull it out.

9. And place your new bulb into it, after that, place the bulb base into its place.

10. Reinstall everything back. For the circle plastic cover you have to twist it back until you hear the sound “click”.

11. To install the headlight back you have to start from the front (Red arrow from right to left) put it in place and then 2 tenons below. Slowly move them to be in place and put the beneath latch to lock. And plug the headlight plug firmly.

Everything done.