August 16, 2017

All About Your Ford Fiesta Here!!

Install Ford Fiesta Dash Cam to Turn On-Off with Your Car

Dashcam is one of the necessary gadget for your car. As it can record what...+More

Combine of all post about removing Ford Fiesta interior plastic

Follow the link of the part that you want to remove. Remove Ford Fiesta Console...+More

Ford Fiesta Auto Door Lock when Set Off

Ford Fiesta can modify to make its door auto lock when set off. But to...+More

Adjusting Ford Fiesta headlight beam level

If you feel your Fiesta headlight beam was too low or too high, you can...+More

Have you ever check your engine mount?

Engine mount is something that hold your engine and absorb its jerky during working. When...+More

Increase the brightness of Fiesta’s storage.

Because rear Fiesta's storage was too dark to see things in the night. So let's...+More

Install Ford Fiesta Interior Decoration Lighting

The lighting that we gonna do today are safety belt socket, under front seat and...+More

Remove Console Plastic Cover

My car is right-hand steering, so some step in this post may opposite to your...+More

Remove Mileage Plastic Cover

Mileage cover is one of the silver set of interior plastic the many body want...+More

Remove Inside Door Handles Plastic Cover

1. Use a plastic removal kit stab into between silver part and black one. The...+More